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The Perfect Orchestration Of Emotions

A bath space is a world of emotions, art, expression, and choices! The modern luxury bathroom deserves a much more artistically nuanced and technologically advanced experience. The interplay of water in a bath space impacts the mind, body, and heart strongly. Contemporary showers need to be designed to not just be functional however, be expressive and be an extension of an individual.

Kohler Shower Faucets have the power to completely transform how rejuvenation feels in the bath space! The Performance Showers allow one to be tuned-in to a hand-crafted experience of luxury. With this range, every element of relaxation can be controlled and every detail of showering can be designed. From lighting to music, Kohler Performance Showers allow the user to completely immerse in a multi-sensorial world!

Kohler performance showers are the perfect fusion of advanced technology and a personalized experience of luxury.

A legacy of elevating graciousness

Kohler has been pioneering the spirit of luxury and gracious living for 147 years. The artists and designers at Kohler work meticulously and with immense attention to detail to create benchmarks in the space of luxury living. Our constant endeavor is to re-imagine bath and kitchen spaces using leading design trends and cutting-edge technology.

Now, Kohler products are available across the countries of West and East Africa including Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Nigeria.

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